Anonymous said: there's only one flaw in Remy's theory

Four of them survived. 

Anonymous said: Marlene King said that we will see Hanna in episodes 5 & 10

Yes, this is correct, we’ll see Hanna in 1x05 and 1x10!

Anonymous said: will you update during the show?

No, I live in Europe, so unfortunately the show airs in the middle of the night (for me). I’ll update as soon as I watch the new episode, though!

Anonymous said: do you know if PLL and Ravenswood will have a crossover?

They will, I believe that we’ll see Hanna!

Ravenswood - Season 1 Episode 3 promo - Believe

November 5th, 8/7c

Anonymous said: do you think Miranda will come back?

I really hope so, and Marlene King tweeted that there’s still possibility for a Hanna/Miranda relationship! You never know what’s gonna happen in Ravenswood! 

itsjustthetouchofyourhand said: I think I'm one of the few that loves Miranda's character lol Thanks for creating this blog!

I’m with you, I really like Miranda! Thank you for following! :) 

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